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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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convicted killer him as a private part of >>vicki: the man headbands for a man accused of killing a held in short member. in new crime-fighting tool targeting gales -- targeting gains. we will tell you where. >>vicki: it is a chilly night around the bay area. here is a live look towards san francisco. temperatures are expected to be near freezing in some areas.
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>>jaqueline: the storm coming in tomorrow will be bringing really cold air. temperatures are already into the thirties in the arctic. that is where it all the coldest serious overnight it is going to be freezing in for some of the north bay. a degree above freezing in fairfield. temperatures in the '20s overnight. a few degrees warmer there and a few degrees warmer ever were us. we have this storm to thank for the school conditions. it is bringing arctic air to the bay area. snow levels will drop over knife to 2,000 ft.. are we going to see snow and rain? the answer coming up.
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>>vicki: a convicted serial killer says there are now more places with remains. he shared an interview with a newspaper. he and his partner were known as the speed freak killers for their method fuelled crime sprees in the '80s and '90s. there are thought to be more than one dozen victims. shermantine has already led authorities to one location where there were thousands of bone fragments found. shermantine says there are other wells and mines that holds human remains. he says he will disclose new locations in future letters that he sends to the newspapers. he still says he did not kill and in people and blamed his partner lauren hers of a committed suicide earlier this year and apologize for taking so long to lead authorities to the remains.
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>>alejandra: the driver of the town car was traveling in this direction when the thick of truck ran a red light on battery and hit the town car. you can still see the skid marks on the ground. this is what is left of the black linkedin that was hit early sunday morning. san francisco police say the driver died at the same. police are still looking for the driver of the thick of a
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truck that ran off, leaving the truck behind us. >>vicki: the man wanted in the murder of a fellow hell's angel is now behind bars. stephen ruiz was found in his room in a days inn motel. police were tipped off. he is the suspect of the killings for another slain hell's angel member. he was considered armed and dangerous of lycee he surrendered without a fight. >> this guy has been on the run since october furious ice it is ironic that he did not sleep very far. he committed the crime in san jose and sifts located in an area 10 minutes away.
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>> the actual patio areas where they fought. it seemed to get a ladder to the point where they locked doors. >> this is the fifth homicide in san jose. new controversy crime- fighting tools in oakland. an injunction against nearly 40 gang members and fruitvale off prohibits the members from associating with each other in this to square-mile area. this cannot help of a street after 10:00 p.m.. some say it is a good thing and other savvy in agree
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with the accused the members have racked up 200 arrests and 100 convictions. the street gang has terrorized the fruitvale neighborhood. sauce dallas love call if crime-fighting tools fan of his college harass mysterious this woman denies that her clients are active gang members in say injunctions are affected.
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>> it people commit a crime, put them in jail and arrest them but to say to people generically that you cannot be seen in public, you cannot wear red in public? that is the violations of constitutional rights. the attorneys representing the gang members said the fight is far from over. sam sam >> at 11 dmv will ship the pile of garbage is flavorless so they think you can see it on google orpheus finn decision 2012 a presidential hopeful getting an endorsement from safe prominence republican in will shave the big winners at tonight's oscars.
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beckons draft >>vicki: a hall in san jose has so much debris outside it is able to be seen from
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go over. the santa clara and ordered supervisors is expected to vote on whether they should step in and clean up the job. >>maureen: fantasize zoom in, you can see that it is jammed from front to back with garbage, broken furniture, rusting metal and old electronic equipment. there is a ton of stuff. over here is an old pickup truck rusting away with even more truck piled on top. it is like this over the entire party. the from of the fence is a collection of old plywood. neighbors say the place is getting worse and now there's no way to walk onto the property. they believe this is the source of a rat problem they have on the street. one man said he dropped more than 30 feral cats. after neighbors tell me that the original list died in
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the '90s and that they're surviving son has been fined by the county for violations in water to cleanup but he is believed to the homeless and obviously not cooperating. declared this fleece a fire hazard. fat-free
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>>vicki: said this year's big oscar winners were opposed to the old days. the artist to codify of awards. you go to a column for. not just old movies, a classic hollywood stars to come trophies. 83 year-old christopher plummer became the oldest winner. >> when they called my name,
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i heard half of america saying, all know! >>vicki: octavius answer one for her role in the house. the big winner of the night was the silent film the artist. for the first time in years, a silent film won an oscar. not only is it in black and white and without sound, it is the only the >>vicki: a record breaker for folded slight, it broke the previous record of 2 07.
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